The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Caleb's memory

The group of soldiers walked down the path through the Bleak Hills. They had planned on taking entering into the lower chambers of the mine as soon as the other group started the attack. They reached their initial objective and hid out of sight while waiting for the signal. The gnoll began breathing hard and giggling to itself. Sir Thannel narrowed his eyes and the gnoll stopped.
“So we’re just waiting for the signal?” Krell asked.
“That’s the plan,” the old knight replied.
“Well, what’s the signal going to be?” Gavin said.
“A howl,” Caleb answered.
The group paused.
“A howl? From where?” Krell said.
“The young prince,” the barbarian, “it’s our battle cry.”
“That’s something,” Mace sneered. Caleb ignored him.
“Norath taught it to Kael. It was a pale winter day, one of the days in the deep frost when the sun was always weak. I was searching for game with my party and we saw Norath and his son on the neighboring mountain peak. They were chasing down a pack of wolves, just the two of them. We readied our bows in case the beasts began to flank the two warriors. Norath raced forward, and sliced the beta’s head from her shoulders. The alpha turned quickly and lunged in rage at my king. His sword was quick and true, cutting the wolf in two. At that moment, Lord Norath howled like the wolves he killed, a powerful and angry sound. During this, our prince was surrounded by the remaining wolves. Hearing his father’s howl, Kael leaped into the air and crushed one of the wolves into the ground, sending blood soaked snow into the air. There, Kael imitated his father, uttering a battle cry laced with blood lust. The power in that song, it effected us even though we were so far away. I felt alive, enraged and powerful. And the wolves, they were cowed immediately and the King and the Prince made cloaks out of their pelts.”
“Well, that was a charming story of father-son bonding” Mace said.
“Indeed it was,” Caleb said.
A heavy silence fell on the group, but it did not last long. A cry, the sound of man howling like a wolf shattered the stillness. It came rolling down from the top mine entrance, and the group heard it. For a moment, something stirred in their hearts, filling them with a sense of victory. Sir Thannel, for a moment, felt like he was holding the flag of New Vallimore as he charged into his foes.
“Alright, men! Here we go!” he yelled.

The group charged towards the lower mine entrance.


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