The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Conversation in Straivillin barracks

“What’s wrong with you, Jonathan?”
“Duty today,”
“Weren’t you to guard the Margrave’s throne room?”
“What’s wrong with that? Seriously, boring and the chance the Margrave needs you is non-existant. You could sleep if the Margrave wouldn’t kill you if he caught you!”
“I heard something,”
“That Vallimorian knight Thannel, he showed up all bloodied. Needed to speak to the Margrave,”
“Well I couldn’t hear much through the door, but he had been attacked by his group,”
“Well, they were criminals!”
“No, that’s just it. There were two groups of criminals, he was attacked by one and saved by the other!”
“Which one?”
“The one lead by that barbarian from the north,”
“You know, I heard he’s a king. Incredibly skilled and a powerful leader. Hope he never thinks to attack us!”
“Well, we’re going to need a barbarian King if Sir Thannel is speaking the truth,”
“What do you mean?”
“Thannel told the Margrave that the barbarian group found evidence of a goblin army coming to Straivillin,”
“Good! It’s been too boring here recently! Need a good fight. They’re just stupid gobos anyway,”
“Maybe not. They’re being lead here. There’s something big happening. I couldn’t make too much out, but it sounded like treachery and maybe Iron Gate.”
“You hear anything else?”
“The only other thing I heard about was someone called “The Crimson Emperor”,"
“The Crimson Emperor?”
“Yeah, sounds like trouble, maybe from Morlia or something.”
“Good, can’t wait to kill me some Morlians,”
“Eh, I’m nervous. Sounds like something much more serious is going on,”
“Well, wit’ll be us with this barbarian King. We’ll be fine!”


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