The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Dearest Jillian (3rd Correspondence)

Dearest Jillian,

So much has transpired since my last missive. Our small band has discovered an army. There is a man claiming the title of Crimson Emperor who has amassed an army and intends to conquer the world. I am now engaged in a larger quest to thwart his plans and I hope to save the lives of countless innocents. I know the sparing of those lives will never expunge my sins or restore you to this world, but preventing the suffering of others may ease my torment.
We reported the discovery of the army to the Margrave and he dispatched us to Iron Gate to suss out the traitor among his ranks. As we approached the fortifications, Morghul suggested that he be brought in under the guise of a prisoner. It was decided that perhaps information may be gleaned from those already in custody. For the sake of safety, it was suggested that I accompany him in chains. Evidently the head of the city guard is the son of the imbecile who had me arrested under the false charge of Necromancy. Upon arrival Morghul executed a spectacular betrayal, breaking his chains and escaping into the city. This unfortunate turn of events left me in quite a predicament, chained up in the bowels of the fort without the protection of my comrades. I shared a cell with quite an interesting Scree named Rashiid, who vacillated between flashes of arrogance and intelligence. He is an artificer by profession, which struck me as quite an anachronistic situation for one of his race. Through later arrangements he joined our band. His presence may prove to be interesting, since I believe he may actually be the only creature in our group who has intelligence significant enough to mention.
During our time in Iron Gate, our group discovered that the traitors were actually jackal-weres masquerading as members of the city guard. Their leader was Kerebus Maverlin, operating under an alias as the second in command of the city guard. He has now fled the city for the disputed lands and we have been tasked with bringing him to justice. The Margrave specified that he wanted the traitor brought to him alive, most likely to fulfill his cruel nature by torturing him for sport.
When we followed his tracks through the woods they led us to a hastily constructed outpost. At present, we are secreted among the trees gathering our strength for our coming assault on the installation.
You have been in my thoughts during these trials and tribulations and I hope that my efforts to prevent the wholesale slaughter of the innocent will at least be a form of penance. I will never stop working to free your soul from the torment I have inflicted upon it. The anguish in my heart will never be eased until this weight has been lifted from our destinies.

Until we meet again…
Your beloved,


Blitzwing42 Nightreign

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