The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Inscribed on the skulls of three rats acquired during captivity

I have been without my tools for almost 6 months now. This has been my first chance to record anything since then.

I have been betrayed by the Sand Kings. We were captured while trading for supplies with the goods we had taken in the desert. I cannot say that I truly understand the human’s desire for their weakest to be able to stand toe to toe with their strongest, but I am now aware that they have “laws” to make it so. Regardless of my ignorance of true human culture, the point remains that I have been taken for granted. I was arrested in place of the other Sand King’s due to my race AND I was named guilty of their crimes as well as my own. This will not go unpunished. The King’s owe me 6 months of my life.

I have enlisted in the Black Legion as a way to earn my freedom. An old human, Allister Thannel, has promised to release me from my debt after 2 years of service. It appears that I am to be used as some sort of cheap military labor. There are others that have been placed into the same warband under Thannel. They each appear to be formidable, even the human. I worry about their spiritual balance however, several of them seem troubled…except the human. That one I should watch closely.

The Lieutenant Keeper is a strange creature. He wears the respect of his lessers well and appropriately. Yet when we spoke alone, he treated me almost gently. It was as if he was afraid of showing dominance. Again, I cannot claim to understand their ways, but I recognized his attempt at “hospitality”.((This word is written as an amalgam of “hearth” and “visitor” as there is no exact counterpart in Giant)) He ordered me to observe his dealings with others of his kind. I reciprocated the gesture with some advice on interacting with my people. He is another one that I ought to watch closely.

If I didn’t have my own research to finish, I might enjoy some time studying the humans. Although, I might just get that chance during my years with the Black Legion.


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