The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Inscribed upon several segments of a young dragon's spinal column

We were successful in eliminating the bandits. While the taking of lives is not something I relish doing, particularly at the command of another, I was able to feel justified in removing the threat that these humans posed to their kin. They had amassed a considerable amount of goods from the townsfolk and apparently had no inclination of ceasing. Their leader, a Magitech user, intended to use these people to strike against his former owner. It was a fight that I feel would have been better suited between the two humans, rather than forcing us to become involved. It won’t be my duty to question orders for two more years, still it felt good to watch the pompous ass fry.

The Margrave “rewarded” (the rune is shifted at an angle as Giant has no equivalent inflection) us with time to relax in his town. Aside from making contact with an interesting Keeper of the Faith, most of my time was spent in the keep’s library.

I wasn’t able to find much to further my own studies, but I was able to learn a bit about the history of the humans in the area. They truly are a savage race.

The Ishari girl, a fellow conscript, also lost herself among the books. She worries me. I understand magic better than some, but hers is unsettling. As one of the Tribe, I don’t fear the unknown. Neither, though, am I comfortable with it. She hasn’t shown us malice, but I cannot say with any certainty that she won’t in the future.

Such is the life I have chosen, one of constant vigilance and scrutiny.


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