The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Salena's Journal: Into the Rabbit Hole

Returned from the mines and we have completed our mission. Well… sort of. We cleared the mine of goblins all right, and then destroyed the mines.
I guess I should start from the beginning.
Long story short: Before we entered the mines, a second party joined us, betrayed us, and then attempted to kill Sir Thannel. We defeated them and questioned one of them. The things he said were disturbing, to say the least. Apparently, Straivylin has a traitor at the Iron Gates who is in league with someone proclaiming himself to be the Crimson Emperor. This so called Emperor wants nothing less than to rule all of Ratheus.
We discovered his army from the Underdark under the mine and chose to collapse it to prevent the impending invasion. This of course was after we battled the most horrifying creature I have encountered so far.
I am weary. My heart is heavy and I am a long way from my farm, my home. I am trying not to let my thoughts be dragged into the past, but the past will not let me go. You see, the man we interrogated gave us the name of the traitor at the Iron Gates: Kerebus Maverlin, brother to nobleman’s son whom I killed.
Since he uttered those words, my blood has been on fire, and I am helpless to resist the pull of memories Into the Past.


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