The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Over heard in a tavern in the town of Black Cross

“Did you see them?”
“The adventurers that came through yesterday?”
“No, who were they?”
“I do not know. There were six of them. Two humans, an elf and half elf, a shifter and bloody orc!”
“An orc? Here?”
“Yeah! He was big, covered in scars and he wore the pelt of a black Lion! I’d never seen an orc before, scary looking!”
“Wow, what of the others?”
“The half elf was a bard and laughing about this and that. The other one, the true elf, she was from the mountains, wearing robes and had a book on her back. Her hair was the color of a copper piece. And there was a shifter girl, pretty little thing, but she was in this hulking armor. It looked like magitech!”
“Magitech?! Really? Shinning King save us if they were here for evil”
“No, that’s just it, they were following this human solider. Older guy, Vallimorian Knight. He seemed to be in charge. They met with the Margrave. I heard they’re working for him; killing the bandits that have been preying on us”
“That’s good anyway. But let’s hope they stay focused on threats to Black Cross, and nothing else. What of the last one? The human?”
“He was a barbarian from the north. He didn’t look like what I’d expect; he was tall, handsome, and even though he wasn’t as big as the orc, I knew he could kill everyone in this tavern with his bare hands. He gave off this air of nobility, and sorrow. And hope. It was strange,”
“Did you get his name?”
“Yeah. ‘Kael’ "


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