The Banner of the Crimson Emperor

Salena's Journal: Betrayal

He left us. That stupid, lying, traitorous, son of a bitch, Morghul tricked us into helping him escape! At his suggestion we entered Iron Gate with Aura and Morghul disguised as our prisoners. Then to all our shock, he broke free of his chains and fled! Everyone, including Pippin, attempted to catch him, but he escaped without a trace.
You would think I would be used to betrayal now, but I had no clue that Morghul was such a Trickster. I have decided to put my guard up and regard my remaining travel companions with continual suspicion. I will not be taken by surprise again.
When Pippin returned, he still had Morghul’s supplies on his back. Pippin was overjoyed to discover the pack was full of bones to gnaw on, and I must say that I took pleasure in watching him destroy the Orc’s work.
Black lab with bone long 660x178


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