• Kerebus Maverlin

    Kerebus Maverlin

    Dark, charming, and shrouded in mystery, this traitorist lordling possesses the intensity of a bonfie.
  • Magdelynne Hannah

    Magdelynne Hannah

    Young, beautiful, and full of fury, the self proclaimed "rightful Duchess of Toros" is prepared to do anything to claim her crown.
  • Morghul, the Rattler  (Parole Broken)

    Morghul, the Rattler (Parole Broken)

    A desert-worn orc of the Scarlands who has uneartherd a strange and potentially damning secret.
  • Rhiannon


    A spunky red headed half-elf, floating through life with a song on her lips and mischief in her eyes.
  • Sir Allister Thannel

    Sir Allister Thannel

    A proud old knight, ready to give everything for the nation he loves
  • Sir Giles Guildford

    Sir Giles Guildford

    Sharply handsome, with a smile that could kill, this lordling strides forward confidently in his gleaming silver armor.
  • The Margrave, Mikail Straivis

    The Margrave, Mikail Straivis

    A visious and grim man, with the look and attitude of barely temper iron.