Kael Norathson

Warrior Prince of the northern Alarican barbarians


Kael is a young human with ancestry of the northern tribes in his blood. Barely twenty winters old, Kael is tall man with fair complexion and long, flaxen hair. His eyes are a very light blue and he has a handsome face with a broad chin. He is does not have a large frame, but is very muscular. Kael speaks with a commanding, but soft voice and laughs easily. He is often dressed in armor made of the pelt of a polar bear and carries a massive warmaul.


Little is known directly about Kael. It is rumored that he is the prince of the Alarican people, a strong barbarian nation of the north. The Alaric tribe is currently in exile from their home and living in Vallimore. Little is known about the Alaric people this far south, though some of their sagas have made it even to the Free Cities. Kael has been said to be seen with the Black Legion of Vallimore. No concrete evidence has been found of Kael…

…but there are stories.

Heroic Tier Song- Manowar Heart of Steel

Kael Norathson

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