Kerebus Maverlin

Dark, charming, and shrouded in mystery, this traitorist lordling possesses the intensity of a bonfie.


Though he is of Vallimorian blood, Kerebus looks at first glance to be of Morlian decent due to his olive skin, black hair, and pale blue eyes. He is extremely handsome and tends to wear the functional clothes of a soldier instead of the opulent dress of a northern Vallimorian noble. His armor is an immaculate suit of red plate mail with black trim. He moves deliberately and holds himself in away that shows his determination is truly unwavering.


Kerebus Maverlin is the eldest some Lord Gious Maverlin of Valimore. From an early age Kerebus had all of the makings of a great nobleman. He was fair to his fathers people, confident in all his choices and possessed a strong sense of justice, he excelled at sword play and could even channel a small amount of magic, an inheritence from his mothers Morlian blood. Growing up Kerebus deeply believed that a lord should earn the right to posses their title, a sentiment which was shared by neither his younger brother Cassious nor his lord father.
When kerebus was 20 the path of his life was irrevocably altered. The war which was later known as the Devils Gambit tore it’s way through the nation of Valimore leaving upheaval and chaos in it’s wake. This war was the first time Morlia had dared to make a full attack on Valimore since the end of the War of Heaven and the people of Valimore did not take it lightly. Kerebus was quick to leave to the forefront of that battle at his nations capital, leaving defense of his home district in fathers hands. It was then during a reinforcement effort of the local lords that some knights discovered that Kerebus’ mother, Lady Sancelis Maverlin, was a Morlian by birth and assumed she had betrayed the nation of Valimore. When Kerebus returned home after the forces of Morlia had been driven back to the south he learned that his beloved mother had been raped to death by the knights and soldiers that had been guarding his families holdings. Enraged that his lord father had done nothing to either prevent or bring justice to this horrible event, Kerebus forsook his birthright, and sought his own justice. Two months later the bodies of the men that had brutalized Kerebus’ mother were discovered on display in the town square of the city of Malikvais, Kerebus would not been seen again until years later in the service of the so called Crimson Emperor.

Kerebus Maverlin

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