A spunky red headed half-elf, floating through life with a song on her lips and mischief in her eyes.


Rhiannon is a young, buxom red headed half-elf with a freckled face, full lips and a near constant contrary look in her eyes. She often seems distracted and absent minded, usually humming to herself or singing to anyone that might be nearby. While she often seems a little dim and unworldly, she sometimes lets free a few details about those she speaks with that hint she may know a lot more than she lets on.


Hardly anything is known about the young lady that calls herself Rhiannon. If asked where she is from the answer is always evasive and inevitably turns into a story about somewhere and someone else. She often eludes to stories of trouble following her and luck getting her out of it. The exception of course being the most resent time which involved a possible theft and the definite burning down of a nobles manor. Now her bad luck has landed her right in a Vallimorian prison, which while she complains about it being boring she doesn’t seem to really mind.

Born for This – Paramore


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