Sir Allister Thannel

A proud old knight, ready to give everything for the nation he loves


Allister Thannel is a tall, broad shouldered man with grey hair, hard green eyes, and a well trimmed beard which covers a few facial scars. He usually wears a weathered suit of scale-mail emblazoned with the Thannel crest, which is a stag standing over a broken sword. Though he carries himself with a calm strength he sometimes shows the signs of a man who is more tired that powerful.


For years now Sir Allister Thannel has loyally served the crown of Vallimore. Ever faithful, and proud he rose through the military ranks of what he believed was a mighty nation. All of that changed during the war known as the Devil’s Gambit, when Count Vyllis Karthain of Morlia orchestrated the death of his own cousin at the hands of princess Daenara Leonis of Vallimore and her friends. This sparked a quick and bloody conflict which left King Sigfried Leonis and many of the nations nobles and knights dead. Even though Vallimore survived, Sir Allister fell into dispair. Daenara Leonis was too young and inexperienced to fill the void her father had left, many of the individuals that claimed the titles and lands of the slain lords were self important opportunists, and the warriors elevated to knight hood lacked the dignity and honor of his former brothers-at-arms. It was all made worse when the Queens consort, prince Brandon Leustar, out of some sentimental ideal, decided to assemble the Black Legion, a military force made of criminals who wanted a chance at freedom. Allister refused to see wicked men and women cheat their way free of prosecution and so choose to become a Lieutenant Keeper of the legion, to help ensure only truly repentant individuals would earn their freedom.
Iron – Within Temptation

Sir Allister Thannel

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