Sir Giles Guildford

Sharply handsome, with a smile that could kill, this lordling strides forward confidently in his gleaming silver armor.


Sir Giles Guilford is a striking, handsome man with a fair complexion, platinum blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. He possesses an easy going confidence and carries himself in the manner of someone that has never truly had to worry about anything in his entire life, however, when he is angered has been known fly into terrible rages in which he is usually reduced to tears. He is usually seen wearing his immaculate, silver gilded plate mail with the Guilford eagle emblazoned on the front and his holy symbol of Lord Arainious hung around his neck.


Giles Guildford is the third son of Lord Travis Guildford, a powerful and influential noble from the kingdom of Vallimore. Giles grew up with a relatively carefree life. He wasn’t raised to shoulder the burden of his families title like his oldest brother Vance nor was he trained from a young age for the military like his second oldest brother Raul, and since Vallimorian families had long since abolished the tradition of sending the third son into a prominent religious order, Giles was allowed to do as he pleased. When he was 15 he fell madly in-love with the daughter of lord Yenmalin Tarmikos. They had already begun making their plans for how they would be spending the rest of their lives together when tragedy struck. His love was found raped and murdered. This shattered Giles’ world. It was shortly after this that Giles joined the Knights of the Crown, a paladin order dedicated to the god Lord Aranious. When he returned 7 years later it seemed as if he had put the heart wrenching event behind him, but only time will tell……
A Demon’s Fate – Within Temptation

Sir Giles Guildford

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