Terryn Wymark


• Race: Human
• Height: 6’0"
• Weight: 190 Lbs.
• Hair: Long, Red
• Eyes: Green, they glow whenever he uses his fire magic.
• Modderately controlled Beard.
• Large scar across face.


Discovered by a Merchant and his wife as a baby, at the center of a smoldering crater, surrounded by green flames. Unable to bring himself to kill or abandon the boy, they took him home and raised him as their own. As time passed, and they failed to birth a child of their own, they came to see the boy as a blessing, and grew to love him. Their convictions were put to the test when Terryn hit puberty and his powers became to manifest. At first in small ways, but it wasn’t long before people got hurt, and his parents decided to tell Terryn about his origins. Terryn set out to find answers, a young boy with foolish dreams of adventure and armed with uncontrollable fire powers. It is no surprise he caught the eye of a local lord, and was quickly taken into his service. As the years passed and he began to develop control over his abilities, he was eventually Knighted after saving Lord Richart’s life on several occasions. For many more years he served as a knight to Lord Richart, and even began to earn the affections of his stable master’s Daughter; Ygrid. Unfortunately for Terryn, he uncovered a plot to assassinate Lord Richart, and was framed before he could warn him. As an act of mercy, but enraged by Terryn’s “betrayal”, Lord Richart sent Terryn to the Arena in the Concordant, to fight as a slave until he was eventually killed in battle. Terryn fought for two years in the Arena, earning small fame in the process, and earning the name “The Flame”. As his fame grew, he earned himself freedom through no small effort. Wracked by nightmares of all the death he had seen and caused, Terryn accidentally burnt down the Inn he was staying at, along with all the occupants. He was thrown into prison after being discovered unconscious in the ashes.

Terryn Wymark

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