The Margrave, Mikail Straivis

A visious and grim man, with the look and attitude of barely temper iron.


Mikail is a man that hides his dark countenance with a grim beard. He never appears in front of commoners out-side of his armour and anyone that meets him is quickly reminded that they stand before a man that expects both action and loyalty from his people.


The Margarve, Mikail Straivis is the harsh, but fair, ruler of borderlands district of Straivillin. Like all of his line, Mikail expects uncompromising loyalty from his subjects and adheres to a very strict rule of law. He isn’t opposed to violent shows of corporal punishment to cement his authority and believes any show of bereavement is a sign of weakness.
Spell of Iron – Tarot

The Margrave, Mikail Straivis

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