Magdelynne Hannah

Young, beautiful, and full of fury, the self proclaimed "rightful Duchess of Toros" is prepared to do anything to claim her crown.


Magdalynne is a lovely youth, barely 22 years old.She has the body of an acrobat, blond hair, and deep blue eyes. She dresses in a very unladylike way, wearing leather breeches, a doublet, and leather boots and gloves. All of her cloths are blue and gold, the colors of her nation and family. She shamelessly walks about with her rapier at her side and at times you can see her immaculate (and some say potently magical) pistol, Vendetta, hidden on her person. To say that she is strong headed would be an understatement and she refuses to take no for an answer. She is also impossibly brave often times to the point of folly and would sooner die then not get what she wants.


Magdalynne Hannah is the second child of the late Duke Macier Hannah the VIth. Though her parents attempted to have her raised to be a lady, young Magdalynne simply refused to assimilate any of her lessons. Instead she would follow around her older brother Macier the VIIth and watch him train, play at sword fighting with him and listen to him tell stories about the bravery of the Hannah family during the War of Heaven. When Magdalynne was ten her father died of a blood sickness which tore though the entirety of the west coast. Now, with her older brother taking the title of Duke of Toros, and no father to make demands of her Magdalynne became a completely unmanageable terror. To focus her energy her brother hired master sword fighters from the free cities to train her as a duelist. It was during this time that Magdalynne was truely happy. 5 years later tragedy stuck.
Through a series of shadowy plots Duke Macier died in single combat at the hands of Lord Commander Richard Labount, the Red Wolf of Vallimore.This left control of Toros in the hands of Maciers new wife, Phage Karthain. Rumors spread like wild fire that the Duchess, though scarcely older than Magdalynne herself, had orchestrated the entire scenario. Magdalynne tried to uncover evidence to prove Phage was guilty and claim her crown but she was unsuccessful. In the end Magdalynne left Toros swearing that one day she would return to reclaim what was rightfully hers.
Crownless -Nightwish

Magdelynne Hannah

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