Sir Argus Desmund

Proud and Bitter, this disgraced knight seeks nothing but vengence


Sir Argus is a large man with dark hair, dark eyes and and a scar over his right eye. A scowl adorns at almost every moment and and his suit of black magitech armor looks as if it has seen it’s fair share of violence.


Sir Agrus was a loyal knight of the The Margrave, Mikail Straivisand served as an enforcer for years and gladly acted as a constant reminder to the population of Stravirllin of the cost of insubordination. That all changed when the Margrave discovered that Argus had been over taxing incoming merchants and keeping the money for himself. In a very rare moment of clemency the Margrave only stripped Argus of his rank and station and ordered him out of Stravirllin for good. See this as a grave insult Argus has gathered and group of desperate criminals to his side and has been disrupting supply lines for the last 3 weeks.

Screaming for Vengeance – Judas Priest

Sir Argus Desmund

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