(Executed for assault of Valimorian personnel and attempted escape.)


Taken at a young age to be trained as a Mercenary, like all Istari, Valdr grew up surrounded by little else but harsh conflict to shape him. Whether due to the Friendship they formed or how well they worked together as a team, his friends; Melcia and Calderon, became a light in his life that kept him from developing the stone heart most of the other Mercenaries formed. Calderon was the oldest of the trio by 80 years, and took the most devil-may-care attitude about some of the more morally questionable acts the group was forced to commit. Always more skilled in Swordplay than Valdr, the latter quickly came to look up to Calderon. For a time. Throughout their long friendship, Calderon came to quietly resent Valdr over how close he and Melcia became. By the time the war of Heaven broke out Valdr had grown weary of the constant conflict, leading to him leaving the group, Melcia by his side. The two lived happily as Farmers for 75 years, until Calderon came to them with a job. After nearly two days of negotiations they agreed to come with him, picking up thier Swords once more. The job turned out to be a trap set by a rival group of Mercenaries, almost killing them all. Despite being saved by Calderon, the group was separated in the struggle. Returning to thier farm to look for Melcia, Valdr finds it abandoned with signs of a struggle. Moving his home to the relative safety of the Forest, Valdr begins searching deperately for both Melcia and Calderon. Vowing never again to unsheath his Sword, he picks up the Bow instead, turning to the life of a Ranger. Along his travels he gains the trust of a Warp-Wolf, and the two develop a strong bond. During a trip into a Town looking for leads on his friends, Valdr gets on the bad side of a Telepathic Scion, who fills his mind with images that led him to burn down the Town…naked.

¤ Slight distrust of Scions
¤ Seeks repentance for his acts
¤ Fear of Fire
¤ Obsessed with finding his Friends


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